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Welcome to TrueView Home Inspection, the premier inspection service in Southeast Manitoba, extending from Winnipeg to Altona, Portage la Prairie, Gimli, Steinbach, and even Kenora, Ontario. Whether you’re eyeing a cozy lakeside cottage, a sprawling farm, or a newly constructed residence, our seasoned professionals are dedicated to providing a thorough assessment that goes beyond just a report. We invite and encourage our clients to be present during the inspection, fostering an environment where questions are welcomed. At TrueView, it’s not just about inspecting a home—it’s about ensuring you’re well-informed about the property you’re passionate about, whether you’re buying or selling. Trust in our expertise and embark on a comprehensive learning experience with us.


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Inspection Services

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Pre-Listing Inspection

A Pre-Listing Inspection, also known as a Seller’s Inspection

It is an assessment of your property’s condition conducted before it goes on the market. This proactive approach empowers you as the seller to identify and address potential issues upfront, ultimately streamlining the selling process.

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Pre-Purchase Inspection

Unveil the true condition of your dream home

Considering a new home? Our Pre-Purchase Inspection service is your essential step towards a confident purchase. Our experienced inspectors thoroughly examine every aspect of the property, ensuring you have a clear understanding of its condition.

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Pre-Offer Consultation

Make informed bids with confidence

In the competitive real estate market, knowledge is power. Our Pre-Offer Consultation service provides you with the information you need to make confident bids. Know the condition of the property before making an offer.

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Thermal Imaging

Uncover hidden issues with cutting-edge technology

Our Thermal Imaging service utilizes advanced technology to detect hidden problems within a property. Thermal images reveal issues like insulation gaps, and plumbing leaks that may not be visible to the naked eye.

Comprehensive Property Inspections

Rural, urban, lake properties & more

At TrueView Home Inspections, we specialize in inspecting a wide range of properties, from rural to urban, lakefront to mid-century homes, and new constructions to those with stone and wood foundations. Our expertise covers all property types and construction styles, ensuring that you receive a thorough assessment regardless of your property’s unique characteristics.

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