Pre-Offer Consultations – Quick Insights Before You Bid

At TrueView Home Inspection, we recognize the fast-paced nature of the real estate market. Our Pre-Offer Consultations are designed to provide rapid yet detailed insights into properties you’re considering. This service is invaluable in competitive, multiple-offer situations or when evaluating multiple homes before making an offer.

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What is a Pre-Offer Consultation?

These consultations focus on your specific areas of concern and last between 30 to 45 minutes, adapting to the current market conditions. The aim is to provide you with an overview that assists in making an informed bid. Following the consultation, our unique AI system generates a text report summarizing the key points discussed, giving you a clear and easy-to-understand reference for your decision-making process.
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Tailored to Your Needs

Understanding that every property and client has unique requirements, our Pre-Offer Consultation is designed to be adaptable. Whether your primary focus is on the structure, electrical systems, plumbing, or specific areas like the attic or basement, our experienced inspector will direct the consultation to address these key points.

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Convenient Reporting

After each in-person consultation, we provide a straightforward text report. This report highlights the key concerns we discussed during the session. It’s a clear and easy-to-read summary that helps you make informed decisions.

What You Can Expect

Targeted Inspection

A focused overview, honing in on your specific concerns.

Full Toolkit Access

We bring all necessary tools, including moisture meters and ladders, to provide a thorough overview.

Prioritized Concerns

The inspection concentrates on your main areas of interest, though this may limit the scope in other areas due to time constraints.

Flexible Focus Areas

Tailored to your priorities, be it electrical, plumbing, or structural concerns, within the time available.

Expert Guidance

Our experienced inspector offers insights on visible aspects to aid your decision-making.

Optional Thermal Scanning

Available for an additional fee, this option provides deeper insights, subject to time availability.

Ideal for Multiple Home Considerations

Our Pre-Offer Consultation is perfect if you’re looking at multiple homes. We can arrange consecutive sessions for various properties, allowing a comprehensive yet swift overview to inform your offers. This efficient approach is crucial in a competitive market.
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Why Choose Our Pre-Offer Consultation?

In a market where every second counts, our Pre-Offer Consultations offer vital insights for quick, informed decisions. TrueView Home Inspection is more than just an inspection service; we provide learning experiences that help you understand the potential of your future home, whether you’re buying or selling.

*Note: This service is ideal for those with some familiarity with homeownership. For a more detailed analysis, consider our comprehensive pre-purchase inspections.*