Pre-Purchase Inspection: Unveil the True Condition of Your Dream Home

When you’re on the verge of making one of the most significant investments of your life, knowledge is power. At TrueView Home Inspections, our Pre-Purchase Inspection service empowers you to make informed decisions about your future home. Following is what you can expect

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Efficient Scheduling

We understand the urgency of your decision-making process. That’s why we typically schedule inspections with as little as 3 days’ notice. We strive to accommodate your timeline to ensure a seamless experience.

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Comprehensive Reports

Our commitment to providing you with valuable insights is unwavering. Within 24 hours of your inspection, you’ll receive a detailed report via email. This report includes photographs and illustrations that clarify any recommendations, making it easy to understand the condition of your prospective property.


The Home Reference Book

As part of our service, you’ll receive The Home Reference Book. This invaluable resource is a wealth of knowledge about home maintenance and includes a cost estimate PDF. It equips you with the information needed to maintain your new property effectively.


Encouragement To Attend

We strongly encourage you to attend the inspection. This is your opportunity to walk through the property with our highly trained inspector, ask questions, and gain firsthand knowledge about the home’s condition. Your participation is instrumental in our commitment to client education.


Thermal Imaging Available

For additional peace of mind, we offer thermal imaging as an optional add-on service. While it comes at an extra cost, many of our clients choose to include it. Thermal imaging helps uncover hidden issues that might go unnoticed in a standard inspection, providing an extra layer of insight into the property’s condition.

Our goal is to ensure you feel confident in making one of the biggest purchases of your life. TrueView Home Inspections provides you with the insights and information you need to make a well-informed decision about your dream home. Don’t leave it to chance; choose TrueView and gain peace of mind.