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When Your Home Inspector Advises, What Should You Do?

After a inspection you’re often faced with recommendations. You have a few options, You can do nothing, ask for repairs, or negotiate a price adjustment. But what’s the best course of action? Let’s explore each option, keeping in mind that consulting your real estate agent for best practices is crucial, as they navigate these scenarios regularly.

Option 1: Do Nothing

Often, the most practical choice is inaction. If the issue is minor or if making changes could lead to more complications, it’s best to leave things as they are. Sellers usually aim for a hassle-free sale, and repairs done on their end might not meet your expectations.

Option 2: Request Repairs

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This option can be fraught with challenges. Repairs done by the seller are often rushed and cheap, potentially leading to increased stress and even jeopardizing the sale. Before requesting repairs, weigh the severity of the issue and consider if it’s worth the potential trouble.

Option 3: Negotiate a Price Adjustment

Negotiating a price adjustment can be the most straightforward solution. It allows you, the buyer, to handle the issue on your own terms. Remember, not all issues are negotiable. Visible or aesthetic issues are usually not considered for price adjustments, but hidden, more serious problems like structural issues are.

When our inspectors suggest further investigation, it’s vital to consult a specialist to understand the full scope of the issue. This can help inform your negotiations and future repair plans.

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Consult Your Real Estate Agent

It’s important to speak with your real estate agent about the best course of action. They have the experience and knowledge to guide you through these decisions. While we at TrueView Home Inspection provide detailed insights into the condition of the house, your real estate agent can offer strategic advice on how to proceed with the information we provide.

When reviewing a home inspection report and considering what to do with the recommendations, here are some steps you can follow:

1. Understand the Report:

Make sure you understand all the details in the report. If there’s anything unclear, don’t hesitate to ask the inspector for clarification.

2. Prioritize the Issues:

Not all findings in an inspection report are equally important. Prioritize issues based on their severity. Critical issues like structural problems, roof damage, or electrical hazards should be addressed first.

3. Estimate Costs:

For major issues, get estimates from contractors on the repair costs. This will help in negotiating with the seller if you’re in the process of buying the house.

4. Consult Professionals:

For complicated issues, consulting with a specialist (like a structural engineer or a plumber) can give you a better understanding of the problem and potential solutions.

5. Decide What to Fix:

If you’re buying the house, decide which issues you want the seller to fix and which ones you’re willing to handle yourself. If you already own the house, decide based on your budget and the urgency of the repairs.

6. Negotiate Repairs:

If you’re in the buying process, use the inspection report to negotiate with the seller. You can ask for a price reduction, credit, or have the seller make the repairs.

7. Plan for the Future:

For less urgent issues, create a timeline for when you’ll address them. This can be based on your budget, the severity of the issue, and any potential for the problem to worsen.

8. Regular Maintenance:

Use the report as a guide for regular maintenance to prevent future problems.

Remember, a home inspection report is a tool to help you make informed decisions about a property. It’s important to address significant issues, especially those that affect the safety and structural integrity of the home.


Choosing the right response to home inspection recommendations requires balancing several factors. At TrueView Home Inspection, our goal is to reveal the true condition of the house, allowing you to make informed decisions with the guidance of your real estate agent. For a thorough understanding of your potential home and expert advice, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. Let’s ensure your home buying journey is as informed and smooth as possible.

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