Hello, fine folks of southeast Manitoba and beyond! If you’ve worked with me before, you know that home inspections are serious business—but they don’t have to be a somber affair. Today, I want to share a story that’s equal parts ironic, instructional, and yes, funny.


Picture-Perfect Doesn’t Always Mean Perfect


I was inspecting a home that had everything going for it: prime location, gorgeous layout, and a curb appeal that could make your heart skip a beat. The realtor was so confident that he even sent a drone buzzing to the sky to capture the roof in all its glory. From our view on the ground and the drone’s eye in the sky, this three-story beauty looked flawless.

The Adventure Upwards


Scaling this house was akin to an amateur mountaineering expedition. Safety gear, check. Ladder, check. Audience of curious onlookers, check. I finally reached the top deck and set up my ladder for the last leg of the climb. With anticipation building, I made the ascent.

The Giggle Heard ‘Round the Roof


The moment my eyes cleared the roofline, I saw it—a sag in the roof that was so pronounced it could’ve been a half-pipe for skateboarders. And so, I let out that signature giggle of mine. You know the one—the giggle that says, “Oh boy, have I got news for you.”

Up Comes the Calvary


Words often fail where firsthand experiences thrive. So, one by one, the prospective buyers and the realtor made the climb to witness what had tickled my funny bone. There it was, the sag that could make or break the deal.

What the Drone Didn’t See


This tale reminds us that while technology is a powerful tool, nothing replaces a thorough, hands-on home inspection. The drone gave us beautiful images, but it couldn’t show us the sag or the potential issues it implied.


The Moral of the Story


Whether you think you’ve found your dream home or a hidden gem, never underestimate the value of a good home inspection. If you’re lucky, it may even come with a chuckle or two.


And remember, a giggle during the inspection doesn’t mean disaster; it means we’ve got something to talk about. So the next time you hear me giggle, don’t panic—grab a ladder and join me for a view worth a thousand words and perhaps a few laughs.